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The Petrean Committee

The Petrean Standing Committee 2018/2019

The Petrean Society Standing Committee is elected by members of the society and its primary aim is to offer support and advice, maintain a good working relationship with the school and create an innovative events programme.

An AGM is held annually at the school, and Petreans are encouraged to attend.

Howard Blackett
The Rector of the Peterhouse Group of Schools.

Brynn Mullen
Brynn (G/07/DHOS) went on to studied Sports Management in Cape Town for 2 years. Returning  to Zimbabwe in 2012 where he carried on with coaching at various schools. Brynn has worked for a Transport Company in Southern Africa and Absolute Sports. He is currently working for Carrick Wealth, Zimbabwe.
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Mathew Hosack
Matt (E/99) was Head in 1999, he studied at UCT and having worked in the fund management industry in London for a number of years, moved back to Zimbabwe with his family. Matt has a wife and 3 sons.
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Corralee Greeff
The daughter of Founder Petrean  Jamie Lamb (M/59) Corralee is the  Petrean Development Officer for  the Peterhouse Group of Schools;  Corralee studied at the AAA School  of Advertising in CT and has two  children in the PH Group of schools.
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Mukudzei Borerwe
Mukudzei (P/05) attended Harvard  University - he graduated with a  degree in Economics. In 2010 he  returned to Zimbabwe to join Ernst & Young as a Senior Advisor.  Returning to the USA 2 years later spending 5 years with a financial  technology company in New York  City. Mukudzei is back for the  second (and final) time, working for  Advisory K, a management  consultancy company  in Harare.

Gordon Brown
Gordon (S/91) studied at Harper Admas University in the UK and has a BSc in Agricultural Margeting. He is the Managing Director of Hukuru Chicks in Zimbabwe and has 2 children in the PH Group of schools.  

Stuart Carlisle
Stuart (P/91) Studied a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Marketing at Natal Technikon, Durban, SA. He played Professional Cricket for Zimbabwe 96 - 05. Moving on he opened his own food import Company and then changed to Sports Retail, opening Absolute Sports in 2010. He is involved in the first Pro shop Golf Franchise Store outside SA at Royal Harare, which opened on the 10th May 2018.

Andrew Moore
Andrew (G/07) went on to Rhodes University in South Africa; where he attained a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He is currently the Managing Director of Carrick Wealth Zimbabwe.

Sarah Parham
Sarah (PHG/07) Studied a Business Honours degree at University of Gloucestershire, UK. Returning to Zimbabwe, is now 26, has owned and run her business, Asgard Synergies for the last 3 years.  Not a Peterhouse parent yet, but hopes to be one day!!

Enos Mbofana
Enos (S/92) went to France to pursue a career in rugby after leaving Peterhouse. Returning to Zimbabwe in 1994, Enos worked for the Hunting Group Limited and Innscor Africa Limited, before joining Label Flex which he co-owns and runs in Harare.  Enos has two children in the PH Group of Schools, and has been a member of the Board of Governors since 2017.

Andrew Shoesmith
(Petrean Advisor) Andrew (E/87) has previously been the Petrean Chairman, he works at Peterhouse Boys; is the Deputy Headmaster and Director of the Infinity Programme.  He has three Children in the PH Group of schools. Andrew will shortly make a move to the running of Outward Bound Zimbabwe.

Simon Philp
(Honourary member) Simon Chair’d the PH60th Committee and has stayed on the committee since. Simon is a Falcon Old Boy, however all three of his boys have gone through Peterhouse.


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