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AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting 2015

The 57th Annual General Meeting of the Petrean Society held at 9.30am SUNDAY 22ND MARCH 2015 In the CRICKET CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE At Peterhouse Boys School

  1. Welcome and Notice Convening the meeting (HWB)

    The Rector welcomed the Petreans and thanked them for their support of the School. He spoke about the Schools strong position in Zimbabwean Education, the (much appreciated) support from the Petreans and the 60th Celebrations Committee, ably lead by Chair Mr Simon Philp. He introduced the new Development Officer as Corralee Greeff whose role is to to foster, in all those who care about the institution, a life-long interest in sustaining its principles and securing its future. The purpose of the 60th Celebrations is to reconnect and build relationships with the wider Petrean Community and he emphasized that is was not about fundraising, but about ‘Friendraising’.

  2. Apologies

    Enos Mbofana (Proxy to Chair), John Dawson, Brenda Bell, Iain Macdonald, Simon Arnold, Simon Hammond, Richard Rowland, Dennis Body, Nick Fawcett, ffolliott Fisher, James Broadley, Alisdair Menzies

  3. Petreans Present

    Sarah Shoesmith, Ross Nel, Kelly Bennett, Matt Hosack, Strati Orphanides, Mick Rambo, Peter Sandys-Thomas, Neil Meikle, David Samuels, Chris Seager, Andrew Gau, John Greenacre, Corralee Greeff, Howard Blackett.

  4. Proposal of Minutes from previous meeting

    Proposer: Kelly Bennett, Seconder: Mick Rambo

  5. Chairman’s Report – Andrew Shoesmith

    I am a little ashamed to say that 2014 was a relatively unsuccessful year in terms of Petrean activity. This is largely due to my attention being diverted to other school related issues. When you look closely at the results below one becomes ever more convinced that a short tenure as Chairman is the only way forward and “renewal of energy and new blood is the lifeline” of Alumni committees like ours.

    Events 2014

    1. Golf Days (A full golf report is available on request, but ably run by Brenda Bell - We had 25 teams playing in our four-ball alliance and raised 3500). A huge Thank YOU to Brenda.
    2. Touch Rugby Festival (badly attended – and Falcon won for the 2nd Year in a row)
    3. 20/20 Cricket (again we lost pole position)
    4. PH Development Cricket (was rained off)

    In 2014 the School appointed a Development Officer Corralee Grieeff. This is a fantastic initiative and we are already seeing the benefits of this both in the School and the Society.

    Especial thanks go to the committee who have stuck with me and made an effort to keep things going in very challenging and trying times.

    Membership and Petrean Communications

    The new Petreans website has been completed. This is actually a well set up encyclopaedia of information on Peterhouse. Well worth a look. You may well want to check out your profile if you’ve not updated it recently. This will be updated to make it even more user friendly.

    We have 5400 names of leavers. Of these have 2400 e-mail addresses. 1200 of these seem to be current and active.

    We have just invested in a new Alumni Database system (Intouch). Corralee will start using this after training (this week).

  6. Treasurer’s Report – Sue Heathcote

    Thanks to Sue Heathcote (Peterhouse Group of Schools accountant) for drafting this report and facilitating all accounts pertaining to Petrean business. Very little fundraising was done in 2014, the economic climate and resistance to fundraising being the main detractors from starting new initiatives.


    The Petreans raise money from events or sponsors for bursaries. This is becoming much more difficult, we get regular inquires, most of which can only be facilitated with a Sponsor. Many thanks to Rich Moores for his unbelievable efforts here!


    The merchandise range continues to grow and Corralee is now doing regular sales from this.

  7. Amendments to the Constitution of the Petrean Society

    The amendments were proposed by Mick Rambo and seconded by David Samuels.
    All members present at the AGM accepted the changes.

  8. Election of Officer Bearers

    Chair – Mick Rambo

    Andrew Shoesmith tendered his resignation. Andrew Proposed that Mick Rambo take on the role of Chair. Andrew Gau seconded this and Mick Rambo accepted the position.

    Vice Chairman – TBA

    David Samuels tendered his resignation. There were no proposals and it was resolved to deal with this in a General Meeting.

    Petrean Secretary - Corralee Greeff

    Brenda Bell tendered her resignation. Corralee Greeff as the Development Officer will now act as The Society Secretary.

    Committee Members – Andrew Shoesmith, Rich Moores, Marion Kalwait, Andy Lowe, Andrew Gau, Enos Mbofana.

    David Samuels and Brenda Bell have resigned.

    Andrew Gau was proposed by Andrew Shoesmith and seconded by Chris Seager Enos Mbofana was proposed by Kelly Bennett and seconded by Andrew Gau

  9. Any other business

    All members present received a hard copy of the 60th Events Planner for 2015. The outgoing chairman thanked David Samuels and Brenda Bell for their service to the committee.
    Mick Rambo thanked the outgoing Chairman for similar service. The President thanked Corralee Greeff for helping set this up handling all the administration and communications.

  10. Closure

    The meeting closed at 1010hrs.

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