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1993 A Decade of Change


Many regard whirlwinds as a necessary discomfort-like those stingy little dust-devils in August-harbingers, they say, of good rain: they excite some of us, bemuse others and, inevitably, leave a number of us ruffled; the whirlwind's force leaves no corner untouched, but may be to fleeting to lift or the dust of discontent. Whether one enjoyed or resented the experience, Alan Megahey was a whirlwind. It wasn't long before labels like " Human Dynamo", Ideas Man " and " Workaholic " were attached to the new Rector who, it was soon discovered, had the capacity to inspire some and drag others - at all hours of the day and night - into the vortices of his ideas and plans. Change was almost always seem as developmental, ultimately constructive, though there were undeniably those - ignominiously swept out of cosy niches, perhaps, who felt as Richard Hooker did in the 16th century. "Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better." Despite this, the Megahey era will undoubtedly be looked upon as a decade of change.

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1992 Peterhouse Girls Speech Day

t is my very great pleasure to welcome you all to our fifth annual prize giving this afternoon. A very special welcome to John Paterson, former Head of Springvale School, who has timed his visit to Zimbabwe at just the right moment to present the prizes from the stage of the school over which he presided for 11 years. I don't know if you are a believer in the power of prayer, but let me tell you a true story.

Nine years ago, when John and Mary Paterson last visited the school, it was standing empty, looking somewhat derelict and forlorn, The occupying school, St Philips had moved to Daramombe, the government had decreed that no primary school could re-open in this area and nobody really knew what the future for this lovely site would be.

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1990 Peterhouse Girls Speech Day

Mrs M-F I, Blake L.esl
Mrs J S Evans BSc
Mrs C Christie TD
G M Gibson BSc PGCE
Mrs C A Gibson BA FGCE
Mrs H Nel BA UED
Mrs M O'Mahoney BA PGCE
Mrs A Pratt BA UED

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2004-06 Press Reports Regarding School Fees

The Herald
2 April 2004
Police descend on school heads
By Tsitsi Matope

Police have quizzed and charged 32 headmasters of private schools who allegedly increased fees and levies without approval by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture. The headmasters are expected to appear in court as soon as police finalise their investigations. Police yesterday said they are charging the heads of Arundel, Bishopslea, St George's College, Heritage, Eaglesvale, Gateway High and Primary, St John's College and Preparatory, Chisipite Senior and Junior and Lusitania schools, from Harare, with breaching the Education Act.

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2004 Peterhouse Boys Year in Profile

Rector - J B Calderwood
Second Master - Mr A L French
Senior Master - Mr P A L Davis
Director of Sport - Mr P P T Davies
I/Charge Discipline - Mr D G Sinclair

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