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1997 Peterhouse Girls at Far & Wide


"I would be brave, for there is much to dare." That was my motto though I remembered it only after I attempted all the appalling events. When I remember all the things at Far and Wide, I actually wonder whether I really did them, and how I could have done them.

As we climbed up the rocky mountain, the thought dawned on me that I was going to jump off the mountain with a rope tied around my waist, and if by only slight chance the rope snapped, I would probably fall down and die. My knees were trembling and I could barely speak. Everyone around me seemed quite enthusiastic to be abseiling. I looked around at the beautiful scenery. I looked at the sky and began to wonder what heaven must be like, because all I could think about was that I was about to depart from this world.

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1997 Reflections on 40 Years


Thank you, Chairman, for the kind things you have said about me, they were good for my morale, but you were far too generous. Thank you, also, Peterhouse, for inviting me to be your guest today, it will be the high point of the many times I have appeared on this platform.

As some of you will know, I have had a love affair with the school as father, committee member and Governor, that has lasted for over forty years. They have been turbulent times, marked by many vicissitudes, but Peterhouse has grown during that span from a foundling to the robust campus that it is today, with over a thousand pupils enjoying its benefits.

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1996 Peterhouse Girls Speech Day

Mr Chairman, invited Guest of Honour Mr Jeremy Gibbs, Sir Roger Gibbs, members of our governing body, parents and Peterhouse girls - welcome to Prize Giving 1996.

We are honoured on this special day with the presence of Mr Jeremy Gibbs, eldest son of the late Sir Humphrey and Dame Molly, and Sir Roger, through whose efforts a substantial sum of money was raised in England to finance the Sir Humphrey Gibbs Centre and perhaps, more important for us, The Dame Molly Court. Gentlemen, we are most privileged to have you with us today.

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1996 Peterhouse Girls Hockey Tour to Kenya

party of fifteen girls and two members of staff, Reg and Martha Querl, travelled to Kenya to undertake the December 1996 Hockey Tour. The Tour consisted of five matches over eight days followed by a couple of days at the coast.

The flight went well and we were duly met by the Hillcrest matatu which took us to the school. We were met there by our respective hosts with whom we were to stay for the next five days. Some hit it off well; others not so well, but it is an integral part of touring - coping with and experiencing other people's way of life.

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1996 Peterhouse Boys Speech Day

The theme at this year's Independent Heads' Conference at Nyanga was 'Excellence in Education' and I would like to use this as my theme this morning.

Why do parents spend their hard earned money on sending their sons to Independent Schools? In England, before a Labour government did away with grammar schools, and introduced the comprehensive schools, those parents who chose independent education often did so because they were looking for a boarding education for their son; also there was the prestige of the old school tie and the connections and network that went with it.

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