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1998 Cricket Tour to England

The proud Peterhouse tradition of overseas tours continued in April - May 1998 with a cricket tour to England, which was chiefly sponsored by Sir Roger Gibbs the highlight of which was a fantastic game at Arundel Castle, which is often described as the most beautiful cricket ground in the world. Despite one of the wettest UK Aprils on record, the touring party had a tremendous time, played good cricket and won 4 out of the 5 matches they were able to play. Our thanks to all the many contributors to the tour whose generosity both in time and money is gratefully acknowledged.

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1997 'West Side Story'


I saw the film many years ago, but the performance I saw in the Fieldsend Theatre at Peterhouse last night has made an impact out of all proportion. From the moment the lights went out (no curtain, of course) the sense of foreboding began, subtle, indefinable, but beautifully contrived by the overall production of Sue Vandoros with the co-operation of such artistes as Niki Loxton, prima ballerina of CAPAB and her husband Bert van Jaarsveld, also with his experience from there, which meant that the choreography and scenery were spell-binding to begin with. Add to that a cast of forty boys and girls and members of staff, very varied, talented and highly trained, and we were kept in a state of attentive anticipation through to the shattering climax.

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1997 Tinokura

New boys and a new Housemaster

New boys are allowed - indeed, even expected - to look nervous on the first day of term. New Housemasters aren't: they are expected to look as unshakeable as the granitic petra in the Peterhouse motto. And the tactful new parents were too polite to show any apprehension they may have felt about handing over their precious children to the new regime overseeing this crucial and formative stage in each boy's school career. If the truth be told, we were probably all a bit jittery that first afternoon. Yet, amazingly, once the tune-up of teacups had died down, a recognisable melody started to emerge.

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1997 Rugby Tour to Argentina & Chile

On 5 August a touring party consisting of 26 rugby players, 7 staff and 4 parents left for Buenos Aires via Johannesburg. They spent about a week there followed by two days in Mar del Plata. On 14 August they moved to Santiago, Chile to play in an international schools rugby tournament.

The Coach and tour leader Reg Querl reports:
"Peterhouse Rugby team maintained its proud record of touring overseas with a trip to Argentina and Chile from 6 to 25 August. The school was invited to compete in two international schools rugby tournaments one in Chile and the other in Argentina.

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1994-97 Peterhouse Girls Developments

Hammond House

Much has been done to improve the fabric of the school in the last four years. The first major project during this period was the completion of Hammond House, the B Block accommodation unit in 1994. Building began on the project at the end of 1993 when Mr. Michael Hammond retired. The building was to come into commission in 1995 but it was completed by September and we took the opportunity to move girls in during the Third Term.
It was named Hammond House after Mr. Michael and Mrs. Barrie Hammond in recognition of all they had done as founders of the Girls wing.

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