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1999 A Snapshop of Peterhouse Boys

Perhaps you already know Peterhouse, or perhaps you knew it in the past and your information may be out of date. It may be that you have never even seen the school. But you are making a critical decision in the life of your son - the school where he will spend his formative years, from pre-adolescence to adulthood.

Prospective parents are encouraged to come and see the school for themselves, and if at all possible to bring their son along as well. If you put your son's name down in good time then you will automatically receive an invitation to an "Open Day" in the year before he is due to come.

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1998 Tinokura

Fun and Games at Peterhouse Girls

The ozone layer above Tinokura took a serious hammering last year - from the moment in the first week when news leaked out that we would be visiting the Girls' School on Sunday for some Fun and Games.

The School Shop soon exhausted its term's supply of acceptably exotic deodorants and when the great day came the sun almost managed to burn its way through the depressingly heavy cloud layer- thanks to the ozone hole overhead. Despite the greyness, hours had been spent on getting baseball caps set at just the right back-to-front angle, and the trendiest of summer gear (giving just enough hint of 13-year-old biceps) had been mulled over, selected, borrowed, loaned or stolen for the occasion.

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1998 Starshine Satellite Project

Project Starshine is an educational project to have school pupils design, build and observe a satellite to monitor the effects of solar activity on the earth's upper atmosphere.

The project is the brainchild of American science teacher Gil Moore, who has spent considerable time fund-raising and planning. The satellite will be a sphere about 50 cm in diameter, covered with 877 flat mirrors, each 1" in diameter. When launched from the space shuttle next year, the satellite will be visible in morning and evening twilight as the mirrors reflect sunlight to observers on the ground.

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1998 Peterhouse Girls Speech Day

Mrs. Kay, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen - welcome to our Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony. We are indeed honoured to have Lady Soames with us today. Lady Soames will officiate at the Boys' ceremony tomorrow. Lady Soames is the daughter of the late Sir Winston Churchill.
As we near the end of our eleventh year we take time to look back and consider our achievements. It hasn't been an easy year - it has been one beset with much personal tragedy. Set against the backdrop of uncertainty in our country. We are now, more than ever, being put to the test.

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1998 John Coates 30 Years at Peterhouse

I had been looking after a bit of the British Empire for about eight years in what was then called Nyasaland and was engaged to be married to Bridget Cartwright. We had known each other for years in England. While she was waiting in Salisbury to come to Nyasaland, she met the wife of a Nyasaland District Commissioner and was able to find out something of what she could expect in that part of the world. Through her she met the Snells, Fred being the then Rector of Peterhouse. He told her that he would soon be looking for someone to teach Latin and Greek.

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