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1982 Hockey Tour

The touring team: S Crawford (Captain); A Turpin (Vice Captain); S Price; J Taffs; M Brown; W Van Rooyen; V Musewe; G Carlisle; C Phillips; F Mparadzi; T Martin; D McGregor; D Patel; T Engels; R Hatty; S Wiseman; J Dorward; D Cartwright
Staff: RB Cox; G Martin

Many months of preparation and fund-raising culminated in 18 boys and two staff embarking on the inaugural Peterhouse overseas hockey tour in August and September 1982. Cake sales, a film premiere, some generous donations, a jumble sale and a highly successful sponsored run by the members of the touring squad, raised the handsome sum of $9000 which went towards the tour costs - to all concerned with the fund-raising go our sincere thanks!

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1980 The First Twenty-Five Years

A short 1980 history by J M Coates and A Kennedy

At the suggestion of some Petreans it was decided to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Peterhouse by issuing a brief account of its foundation and history. The history of a school is usually, by its very nature, restricted if not parochial in scope. It may include some of the achievements of its old boys while at school, but to go farther than this is to write not a history of the school but of its former pupils.

Yet Peterhouse is an exceptional school and it has grown in exceptional circumstances; and if most of its doings do fall into this narrow category it has, besides, played an important part in the educational history of Zimbabwe.

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1999 Peterhouse Girls Speech Day

Headmaster's Report
Before we move into the new millennium, we need to reflect on this year - focus on its highlights and use it as a standard for greater excellence in the future.
No matter how much I try to play down the new millennium in my mind, I grant its significance in terms of time is great. I have tried to play it down because I think I am frightened by the technological changes it has in store for us. I'm conservative in my philosophy on education - I acknowledge the role of Information Technology. I just hope that core values of this millennium are not forgotten, values such as commitment, compassion, discipline, endurance, faith, freedom, friendship, honesty, humility, integrity, obedience, patience, perseverance and trust.

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1999 Peterhouse Boys Speech Day

Mr Chairman, Mr Fieldsend, Governor, Governors, Regional Director, ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the last Speech day of the old millennium. What has Peterhouse achieved over the last 45 years and how will it fare in the next millennium? Peterhouse has had its ups and downs. During the last few years before independence the numbers dropped to such an extent that the closure of the school must have been discussed. But it kept going despite all the problems that were faced. No one will know more about this time than Mr Bruce Fieldsend, who was Rector of Peterhouse from 1968 until 1983. It is a great pleasure to welcome you as our guest of honour today.

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1999 Cricket Report

Taken from the Captain Hilton Henderson's, speech at the Sports Dinner 1999

Cricket, explained simply, consists of two sides - one out in the field and one in. Each man that is in the side that's in goes out. When they are all out, the side that is out, comes in, and the side that's been in goes out, and tries to get those coming in, out. Sometimes you get men still in and not out. When both sides have been in and out including the not outs, that's the end of the game.

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