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1985 Inaugural Peterhouse Festival

After much preparation the Peterhouse Festival got under way to become, what many people hoped, a successful "Open Day" for the school, and to promote the school's image in the eyes of the public. It started on the 24th July and lasted for a whole week, ending finally on 30th July.

The opening
Preparations had been in progress for more than two weeks. The school grounds were leafless, weedless and looking very tidy. Classroom windows had been cleaned, floors swept, and classrooms made to look more tidy than usual.

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1984 Kalahari Expedition

PJG gets into organisational overdrive
The whole things really began as least as a far back as half term (Peter Ginn started planning last October) when the pigeon hole began to fill up with page after page of Kalahari Expedition 1984 bumph - 'General Notes' - 'Exchange Control Forms' - 'Lists of Duty Groups and Activities' 'RULES' (!!!) -

'Travel Orders', maps, chits to fill out for the number of cold drinks you were planning to consume over the two weeks ....a recipe for Anthill Bread, the directions for the first 50 kms of the journey etc etc etc and we all (staff) had two evening get-togethers which mainly consisted of P J Ginn telling anecdotes of What Happened on the 1962 Expedition - or the 1976 one, or 1980 and so on.

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1984 From the Magazine

1984 was a most interesting year and one well worth revisiting. Alan Megahey arrived as the new Rector full of ideas and enthusiasm; the Springvale site was acquired and work began in preparing the buildings to become the Peterhouse Lower School and Springvale House Prep, School (no PHG yet!); John Davidson, Guy Cary, Allen French and Jon Calderwood arrived or re-appeared, and at 420 the school was its largest ever. Snell House opened and the Fieldsend Hall was now fully operational. What a contrast to the "lean years."

Arguably the most interesting comments are in the Head Boy's Address on the changing dynamics of the school.

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Memories of Peterhouse by Bob Owtram

BOB OWTRAM 1970 - 1984

My appointment
Anne and I arrived at Peterhouse at the start of the third term of 1970. My previous career had been 14 years as an Administration Officer in the British Colonial Service in Nyasaland/Malawi. I had been offered the post of Bursar in succession to John Beaumont following an interview in March with Bob Williams, Chairman of the Board, and two Board members plus Bruce Fieldsend. I was also asked to take on either the work of maintenance or estate management and chose the latter being less likely to lead to disaster.

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1982 Nyanga Expeditions

There were two expeditions this year. B1 went in May and the other two sets were meant to go in September, but the Parks were not able to accommodate us then and they went in November instead.

B1 were fortunate in having generally good weather. They were a small group with only two staff and four Vlth Form instructors. The latter were tremendous value and it is not surprising that one is Head of School for 1983, one second Head and the third is Head of his House. The fourth has left.

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