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Natural History Expeditions 1963-88

963 April: Ghanzi
1963 August: Ruware, Sabi Valley
1964 April: Haroni-Rusito
1965 August: Zambezi Valley
1966 August: Nata area, Magadigadi
1967 August: Kumagha, Boteti River
1968 April: Mupswe, NE Magadigadi
1969 July: Nthane-Musu, SE Magadigadi

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1988 Music & Drama

At the beginning of the second term a choir was formed at the Girls' School, comprising some 22 singers, drawn mainly from the D Block They have worked enthusiastically, capably led by Robyn Millar, and have already given some polished performances.
The Choir took part in the performance of "The Creation" in July, and followed that up with a contribution to the Entertainment in Springvale Hall the next weekend. Then in the third term, they took part in the Four Choirs' Festival in Peterhouse Chapel, singing an anthem "O Praise the Lord" by Maurice Greene. Finally, the Choir sang in the Marondera Schools' Carol Concert and our own Carol Service, when, for the first time, they wore their splendid new blue robes. Choir members can feel justifiably proud of their achievements so far during their short history.

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1986 The Lower School

This has been the first year of full operations at the Lower School, as we have had both D and C Blocks together for the first time. It was touch and go as to whether the year would be able to begin at all, due to the non-completion of ablutions and the non-arrival, until the very last moment, of tables, benches, beds and mattresses. Fortunately the essentials were there in time and so we managed to start the first term in reasonable order. 170 in the Lower School buildings was a greater number than had ever been housed there, but the use of the old Sanatorium building for 45 boys made all the difference. Those who were ill were sent over to the main Sanatorium at the upper school.

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1986 Rector's Speech Day Address

Mr Chairman, Deputy Minister of Education, ladies and gentlemen - welcome to Speech Day. It is good to see so many of you showing your support for the school. In particular it is good to see Sir Humphrey Gibbs and Dame Mollie here. Sir Humphrey is to give out the prizes. He has been associated with Peterhouse for longer than probably he cares to remember. Just before these proceedings began, he performed the opening ceremony for a new room off the Quarterdeck a sort of boardroom or dignified meeting place, which is named the Gibbs Room. The inscription says of Sir Humphrey, "huius scholae atque patriae praeclarus gubernator': which I will remind you means "most noted governor of this school and of this land".

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1985 The Lower School


With the benefit of hindsight the most incredible part aspect of the setting up of the Peterhouse Lower School "across the road" was not that it happened but that Mike Hammond, who was charged with establishing the new campus was given the title of Lower Master. We understand that this was a promotion from being a distinguished Housemaster of Malvern and Headmaster of Eagle School, but remain to be convinced!
Alan Megahey responds : "I actually wanted AMH to be called 'Warden of Springvale' but he thought that was too much like a jailer! Pity!

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