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1973 Kalahari Expedition

The term ended with some real grotty Marandellas weather and we all spent the night in Ellis.

The journey there
We were up early next morning and after a hot shower and a hasty breakfast set off for Enkeldoorn, swaying over the narrow bridges on the short-cut.  Forty miles out of Bulawayo the Chevrolet truck broke down and we had lunch and commented on the truck. As seems to be the custom aeons were spent in Bulawayo. 
At about 4.30 we raced off to the Plumtree Arms with several close shaves in the setting sun.  There was the usual delay at the Botswana border-post and then we continued to Francistown.  Soon after we stopped and kipped by the road-side.

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1973 From the Magazine


It is a curious reflection on the times we live in that a coal miners' strike in Britain should affect the lives of pupils in Rhodesia, but this is so. The fuel shortage arising from the strike has compelled the government there to declare a three day working week; this means that computer firms cannot work normally; this in turn means that the Associated Examining Board cannot have their findings computerised and passed on to those concerned here until well after school starts in 1974.

Since most of the boys and girls in Non-African schools here write the A.E.B.'s '0' and 'A' level examinations, considerable numbers are, at the very least, seriously inconvenienced.

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Peter Ginn (Staff 1962-89)

Pete Ginn was born in 1938 in South Africa where he started his interest in birds while living in a small hamlet near Pretoria. This interest was fostered by an uncle who owned a farm near Nylstroom, called Nylsvlei, in northern South Africa and which is today one of South Africa's premier bird reserves.

He was educated at St. Andrews in Grahamstown, where he founded and ran the Natural History Society for 3 years as a schoolboy, and later studied Geology at Rhodes University. This led to a year in Botswana far from civilization looking for evidence of diamonds for de Beers. The evidence discovered here led to the discovery of Orapa and Jwaneng - the worlds two richest diamond mines - some six years after he had moved to Peterhouse to teach Geography & Geology.

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1988-9 Cricket Tour to Australia

Managers' Report
Pre-tour preparation: Unfortunately we were not able to have as much practice as we would have liked due to rain during the two day assembly period at Peterhouse. Some fielding was done however and some fitness training was all we could do. Team spirit was good and we felt confident. The Rector addressed us in the library before we departed and wished us well.

Air flights: Qantas Airlines were superb and the food and service was excellent. The biggest jumbo jet presently in use was most impressive and the computer information relayed to passengers via the video screen was very informative. Free packs of cards, airline lapel badges and pens were distributed to members of the team on the return journey.

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1988 Peterhouse Girls First Speech Day

Ladies, Gentlemen and Girls,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all here this afternoon. We are keeping you pretty busy and I hope you will go home feeling that your journey has been worthwhile. I am very pleased to welcome our guests of honour, Mr and Mrs Fieldsend. As you probably know, Mr Fieldsend has been associated with Peterhouse for many years, as Assistant Master, Housemaster, Senior Master and finally, Rector, a post which he held with distinction during a very difficult period in the school's history.

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