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2002 Peterhouse Boys Year in Profile

The housemasters of the houses are:
Ellis - Jim Redfern
Founders - David Makwindi/Chris Nyazika
Grinham - John Barrie
Malvern - Grant Sinclair
Paget - Brian Foakes
Snell - Andy Griggs
Tinokura - Paul Davis

Head of School : Alistair Sole
Deputy Heads of School : Lionel Faull and Rufaro Mapanda
Heads of Houses:
Ellis: Peter le Roux
Founders : Rufaro Mapanda
Grinham : Lionel Faull
Malvern : Farisai Kambarami
Paget : Simon Douse
Snell : Muvirimi Kupara

The Minister for Education has announced that the students will be able to sit for Cambridge examination for a furthethree years.

IGCSE   A        B          C    % Passes
1996    24.5    34.3    24.5    83.4
1997    26.1    35.2    24.1    85.5
1998    30.0    35.6    20.4    86.2
1999    16.6    35.3    25.6    77.6
2000    22.8    36.8    31.0    84.6
2001    17.5    27.4    31.4    76.3
2002    14.2    21.6    27.4    63.3

A Level    A       B        C          D         E    % Passes
1996    11.4    12.8    21.7    21.7    16.2    83.8
1997    12.5    12.5    20.1    18.8    14.8    78.6
1998    13.2    18.4    20.4    21.0    11.5    88.9
1999    16.0    22.1    23.8    17.3    13.6    92.9
2000    12.7    21.2    28.2    18.0    10.8    90.8
2001    10.8    14.7    29.4    22.9    12.1    89.9
2002    18.9    23.7    24.8    20.4    9.6    97.4

Congratulations to Mrs Kate Sinclair and the cast of Songs from the Shows, which was a triumph, as was the soiree A Little Light Music produced by Mrs Frances Yiend. The VIth Form choir was outstanding.
This year's Three Choirs Festival took place in the Peterhouse Chapel on Sunday 21 July with choirs from Peterhouse, Peterhouse Girls and Arundel taking part. The organist was John Hodgson.

Sadly we said farewell to John Gardner and his wife Daisy who left at the end of first term. John taught English to 'A' level. We wish them success and happiness in the future.
Roy and Jenny Currie left at the end of first term. Their impact on Peterhouse during the past nine years has been considerable. Roy taught Maths, coached rugby, supervised golf and run Gosho Park most successfully. We are most indebted for the superb work he and Jenny did in Grinham. Jenny, as resident physiotherapist is being sadly missed during the rugby, soccer and hockey term! We thank them for their contribution to the growth and development of Peterhouse and wish them every success in the future.

We have welcomed to the staff Mrs Frances Yiend who took over as Director of Music; Mr George Yiend, who is teaching Art at Peterhouse and PHG; Mr Cliford Tswatswa, who teaches Geography; Mr Ashley Denman, who is our new Sports Administrator; Mr Philemon Chirombe, who teaches Commerce and Mathematics and Shane Dodd - Petrean - who joined us for a term as a Junior Master.

David Makwindi, Housemaster of Founders and Tenson Tinofirei, who teaches A Level Physics left at the end of the second term. John "Shorty" Davidson retires at the end of the year after 44 years' teaching in Zimbabwe. Suzanne Barrington , who is Head of Science, is joining the staff at Shrewsbury School (UK) From PHG Carol Gibson and Avril Pratt are also leaving at the end of second term. Each has made a huge contribution and will be sorely missed.
Chris Nyazika, who teaches History and Divinity and is a very enthusiastic cricket coach, is the new Housemaster of Founders.

Dr N A F Williams
It is with great sadness that we report the death of Dr N A F "Bob" Williams, Patron of the school and former Chairman of the Board of Governors, who was vitally involved in the foundation of the school, the "lean years" of the late '70s, the acquisition of the Springvale campus and all the marvellous developments that have followed from that.

Captains of Sport
Congratulations to the following boys who have been appointed Captains of Sports:-
Rugby - Alastair Sole,
Soccer - Joshua Muyambo,
Hockey - Michael Baker

PHB Sportsman of the Year Dinner
This year we were privileged to have Neil Jardine as our Guest of Honour. Congratulations to Carl Chambe, who was voted Sportsman of the Year 2002.


The First XV started the term with a thrilling 23-22 away win against Prince Edward and has won all its other games apart from a thumping by St John's and a 7-7 draw at home against PE. The game was abandoned at half time for safety reasons after there was a lightning strike close to the field.


C Hildebrand, T Keith, G Keith, B Clark, S Jogee and M Baker were selected to play for Mashonaland East. Congratulations to Terrance Keith who was selected to represent Zimbabwe U18B.


Thanks to Miss Barrington and Mr Denman, we have enjoyed a very successful Athletics season. Congratulations to the following boys who travelled to Hippo Valley representing Mashonaland East Province in the Inter Provincial Championships.
Under 16 Boys: G Mugadza, G Willis, S Murinda, K Bwerinofa, R le Roux, K Chitambo, T Ndewere and J Mavetera.
Under 20 Boys: D Chaponda, D Madziwa, T Matenga, R Mhere, F Chambe, T Hove and A Denenga.


St. Johns : 1st team L51-56, P3, W2, L1
Watershed : 1st team L34-35, P8, W4, D1, L3
St. George's : 1st team W48-35, P8, W3, L5
Bernard Mizeki : 1st team W103-34, P6, W4, L2
Under 16 Marondera District Players: T Chongi, T Mudimbu, T Nyahwa, K Bwerinofa, G Murahwa.
Peterhouse won the Provincial Schools Tournament and will now represent Mashonaland East in the Schools Inter-Provincial Championships in August.


Congratulations to the following boys who represented Zimbabwe Country Districts
Under 19 - D Cloete, J Davy. R Kitcat, C Travers
Under 16 - V Doelab, G Querl
Under 14 - T Masose, F Mpofu, L Swift
St. George's 1st XI Lost by 7 wkts. P10, W5, D2, L3
St. John's 1st XI Match drawn. P10, W3, D4, L3


Individual Gala PE. 4th out of 6


Congratulations to the following boys who competed in the Zimbabwe Junior Squash Championships: Under 19 -S Jogee (7th), Under 17A -M Sherwood (13th), Under 17B - G Knight (2nd), Under 15 - G Querl (2nd)
Congratulations to our B and C teams for winning their leagues in the Eric Davis Competition and gaining promotion for the main competition next term.
Eaglesvale 1st Team and A Team Drew
Mesra P8, W7, D1, L0


First Place Certificates at the Mazowe Regatta: G Mhute (2), T Manase (2), C Peebles (2), D Funnekotter, C Grey, T Kapfumo, S Douse, T Ndewere, M Richards, W Nyamuda, A Headicar and G Marriot.
We hosted the National Regatta on Sunday 19 May at Mazoe. My thanks to Mrs Hewit and Mrs Davis and those staff who officiated at the event. Congratulations to A Arkel, T Mapfumo, P Le Roux, M Chidzango and R Pongweni who won the Men's 'C' Quad; to D Funnekotter, T Ndewere, C Peebles and C Grey who won the Men's 'D' Quad and G Mhute who won the Men's 'C' skulls.
Sadly we have had to move all our equipment from Nyambuya Dam after a major theft there.


Churchill P2, L2 Bernard Mizeki 1st Team W3-2


This is the first year that we have participated against other schools, our team is gaining valuable experience and going from strength to strength.


Thanks to Mr Richard Shaw and our Chaplain Rev. Punshon, we hosted the Inter-Schools Golf Competition. Congratulations to our First team who won the competition. PHG won the girls section.

Cross-country - 1st Ellis
Athletics Pentathlon - 1st Malvern
Athletics Individual Championships - 1st Ellis
Athletics Relays - 1st Malvern
Athletics Standards - 1st Malvern
Bridge - 1st Grinham

ATS/CHISZ Bursaries
I am very proud to announce that Jonathan Davy and Eric Matambo have won bursaries to study a teaching degree at Rhodes University next year. Of all those who entered for the bursaries, Jonathan and Eric were ranked first and second respectively. Well done!

PETREAN DAY 20 July 2002
After an unseasonal shower on the Friday night, Saturday dawned bright and sunny, so everything looked set for a good Petrean Day. A large number of Petreans had arrived and the bar was beginning to do good business as the Rugby game against Prince Edward started at 4.00. As the first half progressed, the sky was becoming blacker and blacker and almost as the whistle blew for half-time, the heavens opened and everybody was sent running for cover. The scores were level at 7-7 and it was only a lightning strike very close to the field that caused the decision to call the game off on safety grounds. After about half an hour the storm moved on, leaving a drop in temperature; naturally the bar reopened.
Pity the poor Tinokura parents on their camping week-end. Their sodden tents must have been very uncomfortable to have spent the night in!

Chimanimani Trip - B Block
Led by Ashley Denman and Brian Foakes CHIMS 2002 was a notable success. As usual, nothing will be lost in the telling by the boys!

World Debating Championships
A team of four, E Matambo, M Kupara, S .Zimuto and Emily Laing accompanied by Mrs C Zaayman travelled to Michaelhouse during the Easter holidays to compete in the World Debating Championships. Our thanks to the Australian Embassy for their considerable sponsorship of this tour.

Government School Name Changes
Some Petreans will have to update their CVs following the changes by the Government to the names of some well known schools. It is possible that some alumni of Chenjerai Hitler Hunzvi Primary may be pleased at the changes. Others may not.

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