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2000 Peterhouse Girls Year in Profile

HEADMASTER: Mr. J. B. Calderwood
Mrs. D. Anderson-Mabira Mrs. K. Barrie Mrs. A. Chiremba Mrs. S.M. Davidson Mrs. G. Fantiso Mrs. C.A. Gibson Miss K. Harvey Mrs. W. Hewit Miss R. Juru Miss T. Matongo Mr. E.T. Munjoma Mrs. S. Munjoma Mrs. H.E. Nel Mr. K. Nicholas Mrs. N.E Nicholas Mr H. Waters

RECEPTION: Mr Jameson Toma
HOUSEKEEPER: Mrs. M. van Aarde

Head Girl: Jessica Pswarayi
Dep. Head Girl: Nicola Fivaz
Head of Eland: Kate Laing
Head of Impala: Dadirai Chidawu
Head of Sable: Wendy Odendaal
Tafadzwa Bamhare, Natsai Gondo, Kerry Heyns, Tendayi Jena, Ruvimbo Makuni, Rude Mugabe, Mutsa Nhete, Bridget Potterton, Carolyn Rail, Robyn Richards

The most exciting development in 2000 was the completion of the Library and Computer Complex. which is by common consent sensational. It was opened on Speech Day 2000 by Rupert Pennant-Rea (E65) with a most impressive display of books organised by Chris Paterson (P65). We were awarded £30 000 by the Beit Trust for the project which cost Z$4.5 million. The Library has a Media Centre, with E-mail and Internet facilities and sound laboratory. The building, situated at what was the far end of the old basketball courts, provides a new quad and focal area alongside the Chapel.
There has been a fair amount of other development on the Springvale Campus over the past few years. These improvements have included additions to the present facilities, an upgrade in the fabric of the buildings and a general tidying-up of the school grounds. The dreadful concrete basketball area, built in the early days when money was short, has been lifted and grassed. This was made possible by the addition of an all-weather area on Winston Field, next to the Athletics track. The area doubles as three tennis courts used in the Lent and Michaelmas terms, and three basketball courts during the Trinity Term. Nothing was spared in the construction of the basketball uprights and we can now boast of having the best basketball facilities in the country.

The security fence was relocated around Winston Field, new toilets have been built on that field and the maintenance area between the school and the field has been smartened up considerably. The concrete from the old courts was used to create a hillock to enclose three new Houses - two Vth Form and a VIth Form House, which are located on the school side of the swimming pool. The VIth Form House has a Head Girl's room attached. The old "Boot Locker Room" has been refurbished, carpeted and is now the Senior Mistress and Director of Studies' office. C Block dormitories have been carpeted wall to wall, as have the upstairs Prefects' rooms. The changing area in the daygirls' room has been carpeted and the girls now have metal lockers to keep books and sporting equipment. The Hall has been painted and recurtained.
We were lucky to acquire 240 new "Ancient and Modern" hymn books and the lighting has been improved in Chapel. Hopes to enlarge the Chapel (using a crucifix shape) have been dashed by the quotation - it will cost $1 million for the enlargement.

We now have 24 CD Rom computers in the Springvale House Computer Room, twelve of which belong to Peterhouse Girls'. The shared facility ensures that our C and D Block girls have computer lessons
Improvements have been made in our sewerage disposal and we now have a generator to cope with the many power cuts that we are experiencing.
The gardens have really improved over the past few years, thanks to the heavy rains and the hard work done by Mr Masose and his staff. We hope to build new gates soon and light the driveway better.
Jon Calderwood

We had a disrupted tennis season again last year, due to the rainy weather. Bridget Mackay and Mandy Bosman were chosen to play for Mashonaland East.
The swimmers performed well in certain areas, with the Under 16 and Senior age groups putting up some good performances. Jamie Miller, our Captain, took on most of the distance events and performed commendably. The Under 16 breaststroke and medley relay teams won these events at the inter-schools' gala.

The Athletics season was a particularly full one with additional midweek track meetings at UZ. These were to provide preliminary competitions for athletes who were to attend the S African Championships in March. Tsitsi Tembo (U16) was chosen to represent Zimbabwe where she achieved a 4th place in the U18 Triple Jump and was also part of the U18 4x100m relay which was also placed 4th in a photo finish. Our captain this year was Wendy Odendaal who set a great example and who was awarded Athletics Colours. She says that she hasn't 'lost' an athletics meeting since coming to the Girls' School six years ago! We had 7 girls in the Mash East team which participated in the inter-provincial, held at Peterhouse this year. Mash East narrowly lost (by 1 point!) to Matabeleland North in a good competition.

The 1st Hockey team took part in a coaching clinic at Magamba Stadium, Harare in the April holidays and enjoyed a good season. 7 Senior and 7 U16 players made the Mash Country Districts team this year!
Geraldine Raynor (U15) travelled to Spain in July to sail for Zimbabwe in the World Championships.
Martha Querl

Third term 2000 ended on a high note with the pantomime Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. An enormous amount of time and effort went into the production and everyone who saw it will have enjoyed it. Congratulations to Kate Sinclair and the cast and supporting crew.
The Director of Music Andrew Bentley left in December 2000. He worked wonders and will be sadly missed..
Fay Loxton, of the Fay Loxton School of Ballet, who was taught ballet since the foundation of the school will sadly not be teaching at PHG in 2001. She will be sorely missed.
At the Eisteddfod our Junior Choir attained a Second in the Senior Section, while our Senior Choir gained Honours. The Chapel Choir attained a First in their Section.
The Interhouse Plays were again outstanding. Eland really excelled, thanks to the imagination and professional direction and guidance of Kate Laing.
The highlight of our cultural year was undoubtedly the Buckland Arts Festival at the end of second term. The entries in all sections were outstanding and the final concert most memorable.

There has been a lot of confusion over examinations following various statements made by the Minister earlier this year, but we are pleased to be able to tell you that we have had a letter from the Secretary of Education making it clear that we will be able to take the IGCSE Examinations at the end of this year.
Following the positive response we received from our parents, we entered all our students for the full set of IGCSE examinations. Next term when we have the necessary timetables we will discuss with the girls which '0' level examinations they will be able to write as well. We are aware that one school has decided to let their pupils write the International Baccalaureate examinations, but we have no intention of following this route, as the costs are prohibitive and the examinations are aimed only for high flyers, who are capable of studying a wide range of subjects and willing to commit a huge amount of time to studying, at the expense of other sporting and cultural activities.
Attached is the text of a letter from the Chairman of the Association of Trust Schools concerning the Government's policy in regard to private schools including ratios and examinations.

Drama is mainly a first term activity at the Girl's school, unless the girls are invited to perform in a school play in the second term with the boys, but unfortunately there has been no joint school play this year. However, many of the girls were in the pantomime; the end of the year.
The in-house drama productions consisted of House plays and the Junior Drama group productions The drama club put on a play "A family occasion" on the night of the House plays, while the adjudication was going on. This told the story of a family summoned to the funeral of an elderly father, only to discover that the occasion was, in fact, his birthday. Siann Silk as "Margarel and Lucinda Mataka as 'Judith" were convincing their roles, while Amanda Mapanda made a pompous and self-satisfied "Charles", and Kristen Marx played the black sheep of the family with understanding and maturity.

In the second term, two short plays were performed, "Aunt Flo's Day Out" and "Think of a story" Bianca Riley took the part of Flo and showed considerable skill at comic mime, while Nyash Bimha was a memorable niece. "Think I a story" involved a much more difficult inconsequential inter-relationship between three bored girls at a drama club. The main character, played by Storm Kent, directs the others to act a story without their realisation so that in the end, they cannot believe that they have "acted". Sarah Blythwood and Tatenda Mudzudzu took the other two parts, coping admirably with the unrelated dialogue and repeated situations.
The House Plays are produced by the girls themselves, overseen by Mr. Gibson. For Sable, Ruvimbo Makuni produced "Careful Rapture" in which Jenna Hunter had some memorable scenes. Olubunmi Muyambo directed "The Bodysnatchers" for Impala, a melodrama in which the whole cast overacted brilliantly; and Kait Laing orchestrated "Them and Us" for Eland. This was a modern morality play about the importance of communication. "Them and Us" won the Baxter Trophy for the best play of the evening, deservedly, as all the nuances of the emotions in the script were well portrayed and feelingly presented.

During the year, drama has been given some new trophies. I should like to thank Mr and Mrs P Laing who have donated a cup for the best technical production, and Dr and Mrs W Moore who have presented two trophies for the best actress and best supporting actress/cameo role in the house plays. I am very grateful to these parents, as the award of cups at the end of the evening certainly pleases the actresses and producers, and helps to maintain interest in drama as a whole.

In conclusion I should like to make mention of Mr George Gibson, who retired at the end of the first term, and who has been responsible for the fostering of drama at the girls school since it's inception. He has supervised all the House Plays, produced school plays such as "South Pacific", directed staff plays and acted himself. We will miss his expertise in this area of extra-mural activity and hope that he will be able to come and adjudicate for us in the future. I should also like to thank him most sincerely for his contribution to drama at Peterhouse Girl's School.
S Buckland

Even though more than half of the Senior choir departed with the VIth form in 1999, we pulled together in a matter of weeks, absorbing the up coming B block. The Senior choir was awarded an Honours in the Senior Girls Choir Section and a First Grade in the Chapel Choirs Section at the Eisteddfod in March.
The Junior choir must also be commended for their Second Grade, also in the Senior Girls Choir Section, no mean feat considering their young age and the stiff standards.
In the second term the juniors were tasked with continuing the Four Choirs Festival for a 34th year and though Ruzawi made up a fourth choir, Arundel were unable to travel out to Peterhouse amid concerns about the political situation.

The Senior choir performed two anthems for the John Hodgson Tribute in June. This was held in I honour of his 75th birthday and in recognition of his contribution to world wide music. The final result was an evening of music composed by Mr Hodgson, was a moving evening (as well as being especially challenging).
The Senior and Junior choir combined in the third term for a double evening performance at the Anglican Cathedral and from there to St Elizabeth of Hungary in Belvedere. Despite the oppressive October heat, being in cramped choir stalls and fully robed, our choirs still managed to sound ethereal!
Our Junior choir completed our performance calendar at the Leaver's Service and at the Marondera Carol Concert. They must be applauded most for their part in the ceremony of the opening of the library and Media Centre.

As always a tremendous amount of thanks must go to the tireless efforts of Mr Nicholas and our irreplaceable accompanist Miss Osborne.
Kate Laing - Head Chorister

The highlight of the year has been the construction of a new library building, thanks to the generosity of the Belt Trust and our Board. We will hardly be able to recognise ourselves in the light, airy building, which we hope to move into by the end of the year.
There has been a steady flow of new books into the library all year, both donations and purchases. Despite the increase in the price of books we have been able to buy many new titles. The move to the new library has encouraged us to 'weed out' some of the old unread stock. Many parents donated books at the opening of the new library on Speech Day and our holding of 'A' level science books has increased dramatically.
I look forward to being able to offer a more comprehensive library service when the move to the new building is complete. Once again, this year, the library committee has been invaluable in helping to keep the library running smoothly and I am always extremely grateful for their help and commitment.
Mrs H E Nel

The art room has always been a place where you can go to relax and enjoy yourself, letting your imagination run wild, while at the same time working hard. This year proved no exception, for there was fun to be had in the classroom, with clay, paper-mache and clothwork, as well as outdoors.
The A block were lucky enough to have a trip to the Ruzawi area to look at some bushman paintings, before spending the rest of the day at the Pratts' house, which is like a gallery itself, with sculptures in the garden and paintings on the walls.
Clubs in the afternoons were open to everyone, even those not taking art as a subject, which allowed everyone to 'give it a go' and see how artistic they were, or even just to have fun.

Then there were exhibitions set up, the Arts competition work displayed and exams to be done, all of which showed the high standard of artwork being produced at PHG. All in all, I felt that Art has been a major part of many of our lives this past year, and would like to thank Mrs Pratt for all her dedication and for her ability to bring out the best in each of us. Thank you, Mrs Pratt, for being both a good teacher and friend to us all.
Rosland Baker

The bridge team this year has competed in several Interschools competitions, many of them being three-way matches. Although not the strongest team in the country, we have done quite well over the year, especially our junior team goes from strength to strength.
In June, four couples from the first team entered the Mashonaland East Teams of Four Competition, held in Harare.
A large beginner's section is thriving, with a total of twenty new players. Several of these beginners have now moved up to the Junior Bridge session as they have already grasped the concepts of the game - a very strong team to come in the future!

The bridge year came to an end with the Interhouse Competition. On Friday 27 October, the senior bridge matches took place, with a victory for Eland by only one point!
On Saturday 28 October, both the juniors and beginners Interhouse bridge matches were played - this was the first year that beginners have taken part in the event and it turned out to be a successful addition to the competition. Sable won the beginners and Eland won the juniors. Overall, Eland came first, with a total of 125, followed by Sable with 108, and Impala was third with 86.
The bridge teams wish to thank both Mrs Nel and Mrs Davidson for their excellent coaching throughout the year. All the best for next year's bridge teams.
T Corbett

This has been a very successful year with the numbers of people coming for Scripture Union meetings having risen tremendously. This year the committee has seen its largest group of members. There are 14 of us. Mrs. Jongeling is no longer with us but Miss Juru has successfully taken over her position, along with Mrs. Munjoma. We have set up a suggestion box which we urge people to use and hand in their suggestions, whether they are complaints, criticism, or sometimes even prayer requests. Our aim for Scripture Union is to help people get a better understanding of Christianity and create an atmosphere where people can praise God. We hope to see our Scripture Union grow bigger and go from strength to strength.
Tatenda Nyabuta

This year, the club has consisted of 12 girls. There are 5 girls who regularly come to the girls' school from Kukura Neshungu, but sometimes we have a couple more. They come to the girls' school every week, on Tuesdays, and with them, we enjoy recreational and sometimes educational activities, which include games, and videos.
This term, we had a walk in Gosho park, in support of Kukura Neshungu. We walked 15 kilometres, on a very hot Sunday morning. It was encouraging to see such a great turn-out, by both the girls and boys from Peterhouse, and fortunately, no- one fainted.
It has been a successful year, and I hope that there will be more to come for the club. I would like to thank Mrs Fantiso and Mr Cary, who are our co-ordinators; for without them, the club would not exist.
I would like to congratulate the girls on their commitment to the club, and I wish them luck in the years to come.
Linda Khumalo

Although over the years there has been a decrease in the numbers this has not discouraged the girls who went to help the Kukura Neshungu group. It is always a pleasure to play with the children, although we sometimes wonder whether they are happy to see us or the food. Nevertheless, we have enjoyed entertaining them with videos, music, games, and dance (most of us could learn a thing or two from these talented girls). Our thanks to Ms Muradzikwa-Fantiso for her efforts and enthusiasm. I encourage the present girls to continue giving their support because only they know the joy they bring to the children just by being there.
Rugare Mashungu

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