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2004-06 Press Reports Regarding School Fees

The Herald
2 April 2004
Police descend on school heads
By Tsitsi Matope

Police have quizzed and charged 32 headmasters of private schools who allegedly increased fees and levies without approval by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture. The headmasters are expected to appear in court as soon as police finalise their investigations. Police yesterday said they are charging the heads of Arundel, Bishopslea, St George's College, Heritage, Eaglesvale, Gateway High and Primary, St John's College and Preparatory, Chisipite Senior and Junior and Lusitania schools, from Harare, with breaching the Education Act.

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2004 Peterhouse Boys Year in Profile

Rector - J B Calderwood
Second Master - Mr A L French
Senior Master - Mr P A L Davis
Director of Sport - Mr P P T Davies
I/Charge Discipline - Mr D G Sinclair

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2004 Rector's Arrest

And stay in Marondera Prison

Dear friends,

It seems sad that after 20 years of Headmastering I should have to sit down and explain the circumstances of my incarceration in the Marondera holding cells on Wednesday night and Thursday. It is usually at this stage in a Headmaster`s career that he expresses his ideas on matters such as; corporal punishment, smoking at school, drinking, drugs, positive re-enforcement etc etc. Well I live in Zimbabwe and sadly, for some time now `other issues` have taken up the time of Headmasters more than normal schoolmastering-if such a thing still exists.

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2003 Peterhouse Girls Speech Day

Our Guests of Honour, Dr. Alan Megahey, the Rector and Mrs. Calderwood, Governors, invited guests, parents and girls of Peterhouse, I welcome you to our annual Speech Day and Prize Giving.

I have spent quite some time trying to find a quotation to sum up the year 2003 and I found this one by Garfield : "It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one can't do". I think that is what we've done, I hope you'll agree.

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2003 Peterhouse Boys Speech Day

Mr Chairman and Mrs Turpin, our distinguished guests, Rev. Dr Alan Megahey and his wife Elizabeth, Governors, Parents and boys - welcome to Speech Day 2003.

Nineteen years ago, in this Chapel, "the then Rector" of Peterhouse welcomed Jenny and I into the Peterhouse family - I was the Headmaster Designate of Springvale House. Today it gives me great pleasure to welcome "the then Rector" of Peterhouse , Dr Alan Megahey, as our Guest of Honour at Speech Day. Although Alan left Peterhouse ten years ago, he still has an active interest in all that goes on here. He is writing the "History of Peterhouse", and it will be published it in time for our Jubilee Year in 2005.

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