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1997 Rugby Tour to Argentina & Chile

On 5 August a touring party consisting of 26 rugby players, 7 staff and 4 parents left for Buenos Aires via Johannesburg. They spent about a week there followed by two days in Mar del Plata. On 14 August they moved to Santiago, Chile to play in an international schools rugby tournament.

The Coach and tour leader Reg Querl reports:
"Peterhouse Rugby team maintained its proud record of touring overseas with a trip to Argentina and Chile from 6 to 25 August. The school was invited to compete in two international schools rugby tournaments one in Chile and the other in Argentina.

The first was held in Buenos Aires. Schools for New Zealand, Argentina and Chile took part. The matches were played on a knock out basis, and in this, the first encounter, we lost our second round pool match, winning all the rest, but could not of course contest the final.

The team the moved on to Winter Garden School in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, where they were hosted by families in the local neighbourhood. The school was celebrating its 30th anniversary and we took part in a four team festival. We won this competition and were delighted to receive a magnificent trophy.

From there the team flew to Santiago in Chile, and were accommodated in the Hotel Gran Palace. The rugby tournament was held at the Universidad Catolica playing fields at the foot of the Andes Mountains.
Twelve schools took part in the tournament in two pools. Unfortunately the weather was not kind and it rained heavily during the first two days of the competition. Peterhouse played magnificent rugby, came top to their pool and were set for the final. The weather however had the last word as the ground was declared unfit for play, and by consensus of opinion by the organisers and coaches of the other teams, Peterhouse was declared the winner of the festival. Another magnificent trophy was awarded at a spectacular ceremony at a wonderful disco venue in the city.

We concluded our tour on our return to Buenos Aires with a fixture with Belgrano Day Club in San Fernando. This was a strong U19 club side and we lost the game to a very competent and determined team.
City tours, visits to places of historical interest and a wonderful boat trip on the Delta in Buenos Aires, all added to a most successful tours, where the problem of travelling in a Spanish speaking country and the difficulties of continually changing our money all added up to a wonderful experience.
We returned a very tired but happy and proud team having played 12 matches, won 10 and lost 2 of our fixtures.

The schools played and results are as follows:-
Craig House: 17-12 won    Belgrano Day School: 5-7 lost    Washington: 57-0 won
St Albans: 24-0 won    St Johns: 43-0 won    St Nicholas: 34-0 won
Canada: 52-0 won    Winter Garden: 17-0 won    Chandagnot: 8-3 won
Newlands: 51-0 won    St Gabriel: 29-0 won    Belgrano Club: 17-23 lost

The coaching staff and management picked Colin Crisp as Man-of-the-Tour and also commended the captain and vice-captain Ross Brans and Shaun Smit for excellent play and Tan Dinhidza for his commitment to the side at all times. Many players could be singled out but the whole side performed with credit. The ten boys who are returning to school from this touring party should make up a good nucleus for 1998."

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