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1990 Peterhouse Girls Speech Day

Mrs M-F I, Blake L.esl
Mrs J S Evans BSc
Mrs C Christie TD
G M Gibson BSc PGCE
Mrs C A Gibson BA FGCE
Mrs H Nel BA UED
Mrs M O'Mahoney BA PGCE
Mrs A Pratt BA UED

J E Sellers BSc
Mrs P Niven BA PGCE
Mrs M Querl BA PhysEd HDE
Head Girl: Sarah Buckler (Impala)
Deputy: Pamela Muhwati (Eland)
Clare Burr, Susanah Chou, Sarah Lewis, Jody Maine, Rafika Munshi, Natalie Shade
SANATORIUM: Sister C Martindale Sister R Sellers
MATRON: Mrs T Vali-Mahomed (first term) Mrs M van Aarde
CATERER: Mrs K Narsi

Headmaster's Speech Day Address

24 November 1990
On the occasion of our third prize giving I am very happy to welcome you all to the school As you know, we were asked this year by the Executive Committee to join with the Boys' School for their Speech Day and, although it was a very impressive occasion, it was not quite 'our' day, despite the fact that most of our academic and cultural prizes were awarded then. As you can see, there are a number of individual and House awards that have not been made. So it was for this reason that we decided to add a short prize giving ceremony to the list of the days' events that had already been published.

It also gives me an opportunity to report and comment on the year that’s now coming to an end: I promise not to keep you too long. This will all be printed in next year's magazine, so if you feel like 'sleep now, read later!', do please go ahead. I hope it will appear without too many printing errors, such as the occasion hen a national newspaper meant to refer to a distinguished soldier as 'Battle Scarred'. Unfortunately the words appeared as "Battle Scared". The following day an apology was printed saying that it had not been intended to say that the General was 'Battle scared'. It should of course have read 'Bottle Scarred'. I am very happy to welcome Mrs Diz Buckler, the mother of our Head Girl, who has kindly consented to give away the prizes this afternoon. The Buckler family have been very supportive of the school during Sarah's short time with us and I am delighted that she is able to perform this small task for us today.

There have been a few comments from parents over the last couple of years that the senior girls didn't seem able to command the respect of the younger members of the school I disagree and I should like to pay tribute to the girls at the top of the school over the last two years, as I think they have done a very good job under difficult circumstances They arrived in a new school as imports from other establishments to find themselves at the top in less than a year and they have had to build the traditions themselves, while naturally borrowing from the boys' school in a number of respects, without having been through the system themselves. I think we have been lucky in the quality of the girls that we have brought into the top of the school and I should like to thank Sarah, Pamela and their team who have worked tremendously hard in the best interests of the school. They have insisted on the highest standards at all times.

Academic results
We've almost finished our first O levels in the school and the A Block will be off home in a while to await the dreaded results. Last year our temporary pupil, Tammy Fuller, gained 10 A's at O level and received an award from the Minister of National Scholarships as one of the three best O level candidates in the country. While staff at the Boys' School did some polishing up, credit must also go to Girls College, Bulawayo where she was for most of her career. It's been quite an eye-opener for me having external examinations in a girls' school. Suddenly the study walls become festooned with cards, both bought and home-made, wishing one another good luck, and the secretary's office became a blaze of colour every day with the arrival of quantities of flowers alongside the good luck cards. I've decided that when I retire, there will be a good future in setting up a florist's business with the special gimmick of supplying flowers to worried exam candidates! I'll make a fortune! Especially when flowers are needed to accompany congratulations to all who passed or to commiserate with those who failed.
Our academic programme is settling into an ordered pattern now and it will continue next year much as before. There are two innovations, however, which are perhaps worth mentioning. We shall be offering the three separate Science disciplines (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) next year for the top set, while continuing to do Extended Science and Zimbabwe Science with the remainder. We are also introducing a one year secretarial course for post- O level girls who feel that they do not want to take A levels and whose parents would like them to stay another year in a secure school environment before venturing into the cold hard world.

We have continued to improve our standards in the sporting sphere this year, winning the Inter-Schools Athletics for the second time, just to prove it was no fluke in 1989 and giving a good account of ourselves in the A Division swimming. During the season we won 37, drew 16 and lost only 11 matches in hockey and our first team toured Kenya, returning with four victories and one draw. Thanks to Mrs Querl and our sports staff for the many hours of hard work they put into coaching, organising, umpiring and travelling.

On the building front we have made good progress on the three new houses for the Upper School and we hope that they'll be ready for occupation in January. We were saddened by the sudden death in August of Peter Ironside, the building supervisor of our new buildings. His enthusiasm and skill have been greatly missed.
The old coal-fired boiler house has been razed to the ground and we are now heating all hot water by electricity, after innumerable and costly teething troubles, some of which are still unresolved, I'm sorry to say. A new staff cottage and flat are being built near the new boarding complex. Springvale House parents have organised and installed a new irrigation system which supplies water to the two main playing field areas, though not as yet to the tennis courts, which is where we should perhaps give some assistance with installation. Our water supply from the dam is now plentiful after a new 4" pipe has been laid all the way from the source. All we need now is good rains to ensure that the dam remains full!

As always at the end of a school year there are some leavers among the staff: This term We say goodbye to Linda and Chris Blake who have lived on this side of the road for the last three years. Linda has taught French and English since we opened and has endeared herself to her pupils by her interest in their welfare and concern for their academic progress. She has done duties and games regularly despite having two small children to look after and we are most grateful to her for all she has contributed. Chris will be missed or his Mathematical and computer skills on the other side of the road, and we wish the family all the best in their new life in Australia. As the Rector said on Speech Day: "Australia's gain is Zimbabwe's loss". Mrs O'Mahony moves to Harare after a year with us and we wish her and her two sons all the best for the future. Mrs Narsi who has been our caterer for over two and a half years has decided that it is time to hang up her apron and she is retiring to join her family in Cape Town. Her job is not an enviable one and I should like to thank her for all that she has done for the girl during her time here. She has always been most approachable and willing to listen to new ideas and she has coped admirably with shortages, difficult and demanding Heads and her staff We wish her all good fortune in her retirement.
My very sincere thanks to the staff for all that they have done throughout the year. A school stands or falls on the standard of its staff as we know all too well in this country today and I have no need to go into detail about what our staff here do in the classroom, on the sports field and in a multitude of extra-mural activities.

I should like to mention the musical life of the school which has come alive with the arrival of Mrs Anderson this year. She has trained the choir to a high standard, formed a small orchestra and increased musical awareness throughout the school, as those of your who attended the concert this morning will have realised. In that connection I am happy to announce that Rebecca Cannell has been awarded our Music Scholarship for 1990 - 91. We have heard with great sorrow that she and her husband are to return to England after Christmas for personal and domestic reasons I can only say that we shall miss her greatly and I thank heron behalf of us all for what she has managed to achieve in the short space of a year.

1990 has been another year exciting year of development and we look forward to a period of consolidation now that the school is full and the essential buildings are almost completed, though we look forward to squash courts, a separate library building, and recreation rooms, once the Executive Committee has recovered from the shock of the cost of our new accommodation! The Art Room extension will be tackled in 1991. May I close by paraphrasing and feminising (horrible word!) some words of Theodore Roosevelt I feel they are relevant to much of what we are trying to instil into the young people in our care:
"The credit belongs to the girl who actually strives to do the deeds: who knows great enthusiasm, great devotion: who spends herself on a worthy cause: who at best, knows in the end the triumph of heard achievement and what if she fails, at least she fails while daring greatly".

Sports and Societies

We like to think of our Art Room as an exciting place to be in and hope to mirror this in the work that we do. We constantly hang exhibitions in our hall and have had great success in winning prizes in the National Schools exhibition. Sarah Stooks and Gay Lynton-Edwards both were recipients of awards this year. We also have to congratulate Emma Hutchinson for winning a substantial prize from Mobil who will be using her painting as parr of a calendar.
Finally we are tremendously proud of our 1990 A Block who all passed 'O' level Art and ten of them received A's for their work!

Bee Club
Beekeeping has flourished at the Girls' School this year, with an average of ten regular members each term, who include Ginny Dobb, Lisa Gibson, Dawn Krynauw, Siobhan Love, Lindsay Shaw, Sarah Stooks and Beverley Wintle.

We have worked with the bees, extracted honey and wax and prepared frames, in most weekday evenings The club has two hives at Peterhouse and two on the Springvale Estate, and members also work with Mrs Gibson's bees and the hives at gatehouse. We have attended Mashonaland Beekeepers Members' meetings and beekeeping management courses at the Henderson Research Station. Lisa Gibson and Ginny Dobb helped on the Mashonaland Beekeepers' stand at the Harare Agricultural Show, at which Lisa was also the the Steward for the honey judging in the produce section.

Our honey has a ready home market which makes this club a self-supporting enterprise. CAG

Livestock Club
We continue to raise rabbits, broiler chickens and laying hens and to finance ourselves on the proceeds our unit had to move owing to building operations, but thanks to Mr Gosho and his carpenters, We now have improved and enlarged accommodation O" a permanent site where we keep developing an experimental plot and vegetable Members do daily duties on a roster system. Some including Wendy Coke-Norris, Dawn Krynauw, Siobhan Love and Anne Lublinkof have been with us all year.

We have continued to enjoy our rowing, making good use of the facilities provided by the kindness of Mr Hunter, who allows us to use his dam at Barnhill. Once again the demand for club membership exceeded the limitations of coaching and transport and our weekly visit to the dam was always a busy and enjoyable one. However competitive rowing has not been a great success this year owing to the fact that many of our experienced girls were heavily involved in other school sports and afternoon activities. In 1991 we will be affected by the loss of some of our senior girls but an enthusiastic B Block is keen to replace them - we hope to continue to enjoy the sport and to be more successful at regattas.

Apart from the Inter-house Drama competition which was won by Impala with "There's a Man in that Tree" produced by Sarah Buckler the main production of the year was the Girls' Variety Show.
During the second term numerous girls, the school band, parents and members of staff spent countless hours working towards the successful staging of the show. It is no simple matter to rake sixty-two entertainers on the road, performing on consecutive nights at venues as far apart as 300 km. The show itself contained a very wide variety of acts and was much appreciated by audiences in all centres. The preview was held in the Fieldsend Hall with a full house of boys and girls. The following Tuesday was a show for adults held at the girls' school. Thereafter we were "on the road" with the band, members of staff and forty girls. We performed in the Courtauld Theatre in Mutare, the Banket Sports Club and at the Monomatapa Hotel. Parents at each centre provided full meals and bar facilities for all those who paid to see the show - they also fed the cast!
When the run ended on the Saturday night a very exhausted group of performers dispersed from exceeded expectations and brought in $7 600 for the Girls' Cultural Tour.

It has been an exciting challenge setting up a music department here this year
During the first term the choir was resurrected, added to and rehearsed on a regular basis. It was soon evident that many girls were keen to learn an instrument, especially the piano but it was also clear how few useable instruments were available on the campus. However, we began the year with only three pianos, increasing to five in the third term thanks to the boys' school for making two reconditioned ones available. There are now twenty-two girls having regular piano lessons and there are also flute, recorder, guitar and viola lessons in full swing.

In the second term we quickly plunged into preparations for an Inter-house Cultural Competition, devised by Mrs Buckland. Musically it was a shot in the dark and hard to know what standard to expect from such a young department, or indeed what talent might still be found in the rest of the school. However by dint of much hard work from most participants the school was eventually buzzing with all kinds of music, ranging from Purcell to pop and numbers from shows. There were chamber groups, house choirs, vocal and instrumental solos, all of which John Hodgson nobly agreed to risk baring his ears to, and for which we again offer him many thanks. The occasion was satisfyingly rounded off with a performance from the music, speech and drama sections.
During the same week (as we all remember) but nevertheless with much pleasure, we hosted the musicians from the boys' school for a shared concert "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik', (mit Essen und Trinken!). It was a good to have the Jazz Band and the "Blues Girls" performing, and there was a good variety of classical music too.

Finally great demands were made on girls' time rehearsing or the two performances of "St. Nicholas" by Benjamin Britten and "Zadock the Priest" by Handel. It involved a vast amount of hard work, but very satisfying and it was a pleasure working with the eight girls who formed the Gallery Choir. They coped so well, and 1 think everyone benefited from the general challenge, and from hearing Andrew Fowler-Watt's excellent singing in the role of St. Nicholas. He also gave up his time to give vocal help to the Chapel Choir and to several individual singers, we thank him warmly.
The third term saw preparations for the end of year concert and violin and clarinet lessons were added to the weekly timetable, hopefully the girls involved will soon feel able to join the orchestra here. This small and loyal group has been meeting for half an hour each Tuesday, and plays regularly for the hymn in Chapel on Wednesdays. There is also an equally loyal recorder group. The Chapel Choir, from which more time and commitment is expected than from most musicians in the school, deserve a special mention. There is a strong core whom I sense feel their usefulness as a body now, and I thank them for singing at all services and for managing an anthem, however simple, at most of them - well done!

My thanks also to my husband for all his help in many ways, but especially for encouraging joint functions between the two departments; to Sarah Lewis for her energetic support of the orchestra and lastly to Rebecca Cannell for her excellent musical contribution throughout the year. We have had much pleasure in giving her the music scholarship, an award she thoroughly deserves.

The Fencing Club operates at the boys' school on Tuesday and at the girls' school on Wednesday. In both sessions I have been indebted to Steven Smallwood and Kim van Rooyen who administered and coached the sport.
On Tuesdays we have been almost embarrassed by the enthusiasm of D Block, who arrived en masse and not only stayed faithful through the year but recruited friends to the point where we had to teach sabre because all the foils were already in use. There were two matches against the girls school, which were both won by the boys, but the highlight of the fencing year was the Inter-house competition. All sorts of people came out of "retirement" for the event so that a team could be made up. On paper Malvern and Grinham looked the likely winners but after an exciting final Ellis pulled it off: We'll have to go back to handicapping next year!

The Girls' Inter-house match was a foregone conclusion- Impala has all the fencers. However Sable put up a good defence and Diane Griffiths got a few points of Lyn Freeman, but Impala won easily as expected. On the girls' side of the road Lyn has been very useful encouraging the junior fencers, and presiding at matches and has improved to the point where she could beat Van Rooyen on a good day. She justly deserved the trophy for the most improved fencer in 1990. Fencing in 1991 looks good at PHG and I hope there will be more interest shown at the Girls' School next year. Many of the girls fence only for a term or two, chiefly losing interest because we can offer so little competition. Sadly no other schools in Marondera or Harare offer fencing. Finally I would like to thank Mrs Johnson for her generous donation of the Bab Foreman Memorial Trophy for fencing at Peterhouse Girls' School.

MESRA Squash
The girls entered a team in the 4th League this and came out with mixed results but a good deal of determination to improve next year. The team mainly consisted of Natasha Shade, Lucie Johnson, Angela Wilkinson and Natalie Shade, but Alison Tate, Hannah Stooks and Samantha Robertson also played in some matches. We managed to get more court time in the third term, thanks to Mr Ward's arranging of the timetable and court allocation, and Mrs Evans' willingness to take an extra group.

In the third term some of the girls played in the MESRA Championship. The U14 age group was entirely an in- house competition but the final between Angela Wilkinson and Samantha Robertson was very exciting, with both girls volleying and recovering well. Angela was the eventual winner. In the U16 age group interest was kept up by the inclusion of three girls from MHS. Sukai Tongagana easily upset Sara Philp in the semi-finals but Lucie Johnson showed all her determination and skill to best advantage in the final to beat Sukai 3 - O. This result was repeated in the Open Age group when Natasha Shade beat Maud Mabhera in a close contested match. Our standard has improved over the year and squash is an increasingly popular club. Mr Taylor coached the girls in the second term and Mr Greenacre provided encouragement and good advice. We are grateful for the time we are allocated at the boys' school but hope that it will not be too long before we have our own squash courts at PHG, so that we can play more than once or twice per week.

1990 proved to be a reasonably successful season, culminating in a tour to Kenya in the August holidays. Working with a young team, the girls went from strength to strength in their games, building up a good unit. Areas that need to be worked on are goal scoring in the early part of the game and on concentration during the final minutes. Two matches were lost in the last minutes of the game.
During the Country Districts trials three girls made the teams to attend the Inter-provincial Tournament M. Moyo and P. Musakwa made the A side and S. Abdul the B side. M. Moyo went on to make the Zimbabwe B team and was awarded School Colours for hockey. The team also qualified for the Golden Girls Tournament, winning three, drawing one and losing one--a- commendable effort.
The inter-house hockey was won overall by Impala, followed by Sable and then Bland Impala had a clean sweep in the seven-a-side, winning both the junior and senior titles.
The tour of Kenya was also a successful venture, winning four and drawing one of our five games. The tour was organised by Hillcrest School in Kenya who also hosted us while in Nairobi We also spent some time in Mombasa which was an interesting and rewarding experience for the whole party.

In conclusion I would like to thank Jody Maine and Sarah Lewis for their able leadership and assistance as well as Miss Macrae and the second team for their efforts and support during the season. Regular first team players: J. Maine (captain), S. Lewis (vice-captain), A Tate, M Moyo, S Mupesa, R Mustafa, M Murinda, L Gurnell, P Musakwa, S Shambira, S Abdul.
Additional Tour Members: M Denenga, A Zeibari N Shade, S Baker, J Matema and G Bruk-Jackson.

Pre-season tournament Won 4; drew 1; lost 1
Trials vs Mutare won 1 - 0 vs Lomagundi 1 - 1 vs Chinhoyi won 1 - 0 vs Nagle won 2 - 1
Matches vs Eaglesvale lost 1 - 2 vs Hillcrest won 2 - 1 vs Girls College lost 0 - vs MHS drew 1 - 1 vs Arundel drew 2 - 2 vs Watershed won 2 - O Golden Girls vs Vainona drew 1 - 1 vs Chaplin won 4 - O vs Girls College lost O - 4 vs Townsend won 1 -O vs Eaglesvale won 3 -1 Arundel Festival Won 3; drew 2; lost O.

The swimming team has worked hard this year under the able leadership of Sarah Lewis The results in general are probably a little disappointing losing some of the Galas by ess than ten points on a couple of occasions The swimmers need to learn to discipline themselves under pressure and not to throw away crucial points. The girls, however, acquitted themselves well at the Inter-schools Individual Gala, finishing a commendable fifth, six points behind Jamieson in our first A section appearance. The U14 age group must be commended on a very successful season, winning the majority of their events. Angela Wilkinson and Kate Dale were selected to swim for Mashonaland during the first term. The U13 age group also showed steady improvement, winning four out of their eight events in their final gala of the season. My thanks too to the divers for their contribution to the points table at the inter-schools galas. The Inter-house Gala was won this year by Sable with Kate Dale as the Victrix Ludorum. Finally, thank you to Sarah Lewis for her assistance with the team and to the team for their enthusiasm and effort.

Individual galas
Ist PHG; 2nd Jamieson; 3rd Watershed College; 4th Hillcrest. 1st Chisipite; 2nd Convent; 3rd PHG; 4th Jamieson
Inter-schools A Section
1st Convent; 2nd Chisipite; 3rd Arundel; 4th Jamieson; 5th PHG; 6th Eaglesvale; 7th Watershed; 8th Lomagundi
Relays galas 1st Lomagundi; 2nd Eaglesvale; 3rd PHG; 4th Watershed; 1st Watershed; 2nd PHG; 3rd Jamieson; 4th Hillcrest
Inter-schools A Section Ist Chisipite; 2nd Convent; 3rd Arundel; 4th Jamieson; 5th PHG; 6th Eaglesvale; 7th Watershed; 8th Lomagundi

The girls enjoyed another successful athletics season, winning both the inter-schools meetings in which they entered. Natalie Shade served as a very capable captain, dealing with a lot of the administration very efficiently. The girls participated in ten different meetings during the season - including inter-house, inter-school and Mashonaland provincial events.
Thirty girls qualified at the Marondera East meeting, including M. Moyo who won five events in the U18 age group. M. Willis also did well, winning two sprint events in the U14 age group. All three age groups 4 x 100 m relay teams won through as well. Eight girls finally went through to Mashonaland Junior Championships with G. Dobb emerging as our most successful athlete. In the inter-schools competitions, both of which were hosted by Peterhouse, the girls narrowly won on both occasions.


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