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1982 Hockey Tour

The touring team: S Crawford (Captain); A Turpin (Vice Captain); S Price; J Taffs; M Brown; W Van Rooyen; V Musewe; G Carlisle; C Phillips; F Mparadzi; T Martin; D McGregor; D Patel; T Engels; R Hatty; S Wiseman; J Dorward; D Cartwright
Staff: RB Cox; G Martin

Many months of preparation and fund-raising culminated in 18 boys and two staff embarking on the inaugural Peterhouse overseas hockey tour in August and September 1982. Cake sales, a film premiere, some generous donations, a jumble sale and a highly successful sponsored run by the members of the touring squad, raised the handsome sum of $9000 which went towards the tour costs - to all concerned with the fund-raising go our sincere thanks!

Our first stopover, Kenya, did not materialise owing to the internal problems they were experiencing at the time, so, after a couple of days delay, we headed via Frankfurt for London, being met on our arrival at Heathrow by Colin Galloway, the director of Dragons International, who was to be our host for the first leg of the tour. Having been delivered to our hostel in Oxford, we unpacked and were soon down at a local hockey field familiarising ourselves with the softer English fields. After an early supper we went punting on a nearby river, though this primitive team from Africa(!!) shattered the more sedate romantics escaping for a quiet evening's punting.

Bisham Abbey Tournament
Our first weekend saw us participating in a tournament at the National Sports foundations complex. It marked our introduction to Astroturf, the very fast, artificial grass surface; an exciting experience for all members of the team who played either for Peterhouse or for the Rest XI.

v Old Dragons (lost 1-3); v Rest XI (won 2-0); v Oxford City (lost 0-1); v Old Dragons (lost 2-4).
We took some time to adjust to the different surface, which called for a short-passing build-up game and very good skills. Carlisle showed early promise, as did Taffs, though the latter missed some gilt-edged chances in the first match. Defenders tended to commit themselves badly to tackles, though Brown,Turpin and Crawford were all showing good form, Cartwright, too, producing some neat touches.

On the Saturday evening all the teams participating in the festival were treated to a most enjoyable barbecue at Summerfield School.
On the Sunday morning we deserved more than we received for our efforts against a very competent Oxford Hawks team. This was our best performance of the festival, though the number of short corners that were missed was a little alarming. Again there were encouraging performances from most players in our final match, as we clawed our way back into the game having been 0-4 down. Carlisle had a great match, running with plenty of aggression, while Musewe and Mparadzi were prominent up front and McGregor looking more confident at the back as well. Van Rooyen and Brown then guested for the Wilcester County against the Zimbabwe Schools XI, both acquitting themselves very creditably.

v. Evesham: (won 2-1). We departed from the scenic Oxford for the equally lovely setting at Evesham, stopping for lunch at Stratford-upon-Avon, where we joined the other million (!!) tourists visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace and also the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Our early evening match against Evesham was filled with excitement, though again we should have scored more goals, while our defence took some time to settle down. Carlisle joined the penalty-stroke Geography class, as he missed a stroke early on! Turpin and Crawford were superb, while Mparadzi and Van Rooyen were also producing encouraging tour form. It was good to play against boys of our own age after the matches against more experienced players at Bisham Abbey and, although we found the field very heavy and slow, we enjoyed the match, all members of the squad making an appearance at some stage. Dinner, presentations and some indoor games rounded off a very pleasant day.

We bade a very sad goodbye to our Evesham hosts (many ex-Rhodesians) and made our way to London, where we spent a couple of days, shopping, relaxing (if that is possible in London?!), sightseeing, visiting the Theatre (' Barnum' and 'Evita'), or attending the Second Cricket Test Match between England and Pakistan at Lords. Undoubtedly the highlight of the visit was our trip to a 'Medieval Banquet', where we vociferously joined in the festival atmosphere which was created by our host, King Henry VIII. Memorable? Cartwright joining the wenches on the dance floor; 'Chef' Crawford in action and Dorwardblaming the mixture of orange juice and home-brewed wine for his weariness.

v. Warrington (lost 2-5). Northwards we travelled to the picturesque setting at Warrington, where we played a very strong Club team on the Saturday morning. Most of our hosts on the U.K. leg of the tour seemed to think that we were the Zimbabwe Schools' team, hence the quality of our opposition - we learnt fast though! Although Taffs opened the scoring with a magnificent goal, we had neither the skill nor the experience to match our aggressive and skilful opponents, who capitalised on our 'ten minute fade' immediately after half-time, knocking in three goals. Again our defence was inclined to commit themselves badly to tackles, while too many of the forwards were not working back in defence. After a well-prepared lunch Turpin and Martin donned cricket kit as they turned out as guest players for the 2nd and 3rd Xl's of the Warrington Club, both turning in good performances, while George Martin frustrated the 2nd XI match with his impartial umpiring decisions!!

v. Alderley Edge (lost 1 - 4) Next morning we set off early for our match against another strong club side, Alderley Edge, played on a bumpy field, though in an idyllic English countryside setting. We matched our opponents for most of the first half with Engels, Hatty, Wiseman and Dorward all prominent, the latter scoring an excellent reverse-stick goal. However, the experience and aggression of our opponents once again proved to be our undoing in the second-half, although Carlisle had a scorching shot miraculously stopped on the line. After a super lunch at the clubhouse, we returned to Warrington via Jodrell Bank, site of the largest radio telescope in the world.

A very early departure next morning was necessary, as we had to catch our flight to Amsterdam. The spirit in the side was a little subdued after the hammerings we had received in the U.K., though the management were confident that the invaluable experience gained on this leg of the tour would be seen in our performances on the Continent. Grateful thanks were extended to Colin Galloway who had looked after us so royally, being a very patient bus driver as well! It did not take the team long to explore the city of Amsterdam, having a couple of days to do so. A fascinating Grand Tour of Holland was enjoyed by all, as was the Indonesian Dinner and the Canal Cruise. It was, however, felt that a practice was needed before we played our first match in Eindhoven, so we hired a bus, talked our way onto a lovely Astroturf field and had a very tiring, yet thoroughly enjoyable practice for a couple of hours, concentrating on positional play, distribution and running into gaps particularly.

After a two and a half day stay in Amsterdam we headed off to Eindhoven, where we were immediately whisked off to the fascinating Phillips 'Evoluon'. We received V.I.P. treatment in every respect - just a glimpse of what was to come in this very friendly city.
v. Eindhoven 1981 Youth Team (lost 1 -2) Again we took a while to adjust to the soft ground and the rather robust aggressive continental style of play. Numerous chances were missed by the forwards, so we found ourselves on the losing end yet again, though the determination to pull back the equaliser was one of the highlights of the game. Suddenly, players began to believe that we could take on and defeat anyone! Crawford, Turpin, Brown and Martin had an outstanding match. The two teams got together in the clubhouse after the match and were soon trading songs in a festive spirit

Eindhoven Mixed Hockey Club Tournament: v. Racing Youth Team (drew 4-4). Although we took some time to settle down, the defence in particular being a little loose, we fought back from being 0-3 down, to end with a very creditable 4-4 draw, the final odds probably in our favour. Taffs had an outstanding match, scoring two first-class goals and running with a great deal of aggression. Wiseman, too, was running effectively in the inner position, scoring a good goal.

v. H.U.A.C. Youth Team: (won 3-0). We totally outplayed our opponents and it was good to see the younger, less experienced players, in particular Carlisle and Dorward, improving and running with more purpose and determination, while Phillips was an asset mainly because of the large amount of work that he was getting through. Taffs, Turpin and Carlisle were the goal-scorers in this pleasing performance.

v. Eindhoven 1982 Youth Team: (won 4-2). The character of the side was clearly evident as we crushed the host side in the tournament final, although most of the players were feeling the effects of the previous two matches. Mparadzi (two goals), Phillips and again Carlisle were impressive up front, while our defensive trio of Brown, Crawford and Turpin tightened the defence magnificently, though were guilty of letting things slip a little when we had run up a quick 4-0 lead, Price being guilty of a lack of concentration on a couple of occasions. Confidence was very high as we enjoyed a superb barbecue given by our hosts, though Price experienced some difficulties speaking French to the Dutch - McGregor and Phillips, not excusing the captain himself, were receiving amorous looks from the young teenagers there!! Mark Brown? His feet still weren't talking to him after the three gruelling matches he had played!

v. Eindhoven 1981/2 Youth Team: (won 2-0). Weary legs somehow kept us going in our final match on the Sunday morning. It was not a great match, though we did dominate much of it. Phillips again was prominent, while the defensive trio gave nothing away! Goal scorers in this match were Musewe andCarlisle. Patel, too, performed admirably in the goals.

West Germany
We bade our very hospitable hosts a sad farewell as. We set off for Cologne, where we were to be hosted initially by Schwarz-Weiss. Shortly before crossing the border we 'switched McGregor on' awarding him his Cock's tie for consistently good performances throughout the season. We were billeted out to our various hosts, many of us experiencing language difficulties, though we were all very well looked after, particularly Turpin, Crawford, Musewe and Mparadzi ... or so it would seem!!

v. Schwarz-Weiss: (drew 3-3). After a leisurely day spent wandering around Cologne, the team assembled for the early evening match against one of the top West German Clubs. Again we played their youth team, containing a number of very good players, but after listless, lethargic and unmotivated start when we soon found ourselves trailing our opponents, we moved into top gear and played some scintillating hockey, all the forwards running very well and being superbly fed by the defence. We actually had far more goal-scoring opportunities than our opponents, but Carlisle fluffed two open goals, which nearly cost us the match. Our fitness told in the end, as we scored a very well-deserved equaliser, thus drawing an exciting match. Our hosts treated us to a barbecue after the game, though this was spoilt a little by rain.
Next morning we were taken on a fascinating tour of an incredible university sports complex, one of the largest of its kind in the whole world. We spent the afternoon playing some indoor hockey which was enjoyed by all, Patel shining in the goals! Most of the team (the management excluded!!) struggled a little to adapt to the different surface and the different techniques that are required in th is fast and exciting game of hockey. Nevertheless it was a great experience and rounded off a most enjoyable stay in Cologne.

v. Duren 99 Youth Team: (won 7-0). A little drama when we met the next morning caused some minor concern, though things soon perked up when Mr. Martin located the two missing passports belonging to Cartwright and Wiseman. We arrived in Duren and were immediately taken to our base, a Youth Hostel, where we unpacked and generally relaxed, with an early night being ordered! Next morning we visited one of the largest power stations, once again being given V.I.P. treatment. After shopping in Duren we prepared ourselves for our match against the Duren 99 Club youth team. We hit form early on in this match, completely overshadowing our slightly rusty opponents even the captain scored a goal! Generally our skills and tour experience gave us the edge in this pleasing performance. Our hosts treated us to a superb supper before we retired to the Youth Hostel, tired but happy.

v. Duren 99 Club Team: (won 4-2). A fascinating trip to a reconstructed Rhenish village next morning was followed by more shopping in Duren. Our final match that evening had its ups and downs, but many of the players were self-motivated knowing that it was their last match for Peterhouse. Crawford, Turpin,Brown and Van Rooyen were outstanding in defence, while Taffs scored two magnificent goals in the second half that clinched victory for us and resulted in him eclipsing Carlisle as the leading goal-scorer of the tour. Presentations and a barbecue followed the match, because we returned to the youth hostel, with the echoes of 'We won because we won, because we won ... echoing across the German valley below us. Again we were touched by the warm hospitality of our hosts; a feature of the tour!
We departed next morning for Brussels, where we spent an hour or so sightseeing, before going out to the airport to catch our flight to Portugal. We bade a sad farewell to Toni, our coach driver, who had been such a friendly and accommodating driver since our departure from Amsterdam.

The final leg of our tour was enjoyed by all. Two free days by the beach, relaxing after the strenuous tour was a great way to end off the tour. We did have a guided tour of a number of palaces, but most of the team were more interested in visiting the beaches for a variety of reasons, while the management got stuck into a good seafood meal! McG regor had to buy h is shoes back from an unimpressed beach inspector, who objected to four Peterhouse boys helping themselves to a wind-protected spot on the beach - there were a few language problems! A visit to a Portuguese restaurant to see the traditional Fado dance brought an end to a most enjoyable tour, but not before Warren Van Rooyen and Mark Brown had been appointed captain and vice-captain respectively for the 1983 season, the latter also being awarded his hockey colours for consistently outstanding performances and service throughout the season.
We were back in Harare by midday on 31st August after after an all-night flight from Lisbon, via a rather horrific stop at Brazzaville. Soon for eighteen boys and two staff the Peterhouse 1982 hockey tour was nothing more than a wonderful memory!!

Coach's comments:
The boys are to be commended for their excellent behaviour both on and off the field throughout the tour, which was very tiring, demanding, yet very worthwhile. Young players with many years of hockey at Peterhouse still to come, improved noticeably - Carlisle, Cartwright, Brown, Van Rooyen and McGregor, in particular catching the eye on a number of occasions, while the old warhorses, Crawford, Turpin and Phillips also emerged with a great deal of credit. No praise can be too great for the outstanding example set by Stephen Crawford, a vital contributor to the excellent behaviour of the team. Finally, my thanks too to George Martin for all his help - as a photographer, administrator, name it, he was involved somehow. And of course, to the boys, my thanks for making the tour possible - let us hope that each one of us has returned wiser, more educated culturally and, of course, better hockey players!


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