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Petrean Publications

Richard Harland (E61)

Books by Richard Harland (E61)

  • The Hunting Imperative -
    Biography of a Boy in Africa. (Rowland Ward Publications)
  • African Epic -
    The Story of Paul ‘Kambada’ Grobler. (Rowland Ward Publications)
  • Ndlovu
    Hunting the African Elephant. (Ivory Imprints). Available from Rowland Ward.

Please visit to view the books and prices.

Duncan C. Wyllie, Ph.D., P.Eng. (E63)

See my website for details

  • Foundations on Rock
  • Rock Slope Engineering
  • Rock Fall Engineering

All these books sell steadily around the world, and Korean and Turkish translations are available. While these are hard-core engineering books with a specialist audience, they do have the following three links to Peterhouse:

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Four Brothers in Arms

Available through and .com or from the publisher Melrose Books -

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