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Lily Pope [PHG/19] - Hockey Ambassador for PRINCESS Hockey

Congratulations to our Petrean, Lily Pope [PHG/19] on her recent promotion of becoming a Hockey Ambassador for PRINCESS Hockey. There is no stopping you now Lily!
We are proud of you.

Petreans, Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Petreans please updated your details on this Petrean Data Collection Form for 2021

Dr Ruvimbo Chitongo [PHG/14]

Fantastic news for our Petrean Dr. Ruvimbo Chitongo [PHG'14] who has recently passed her final medical school exams with honors in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Zimbabwe. An incredibly high standard achieved. We are very proud of you Ruvimbo! #ProudPetrean #proudpeterhouse

Petreans - Please update your contact details

Please update the Petrean Development Office with your latest contact details

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speech Day 2020 – Rector’s Speech – Mr Jon Trafford

It is 1:30am in the morning, and the phone is ringing wildly. What could possibly be wrong – all the worst thoughts go through your mind. What has happened? Surely everything in the boarding house is fine? I was there 1 ½ hours ago, it was in darkness and all the boys were asleep. Ominously, the voice at the other end of the line belonged to the Deputy Head. He was adamant and demanded that I meet him urgently in his office. No, it would not wait until morning. Arriving sleepily, a table in the corner of the reception area caught my eye; it was littered with half empty quart bottles of beer and a selection of rather fine Cape wines. Seated along the opposite wall was a rather disheveled group of boys, including my Head of House and members of my prefect body. Thinking that the Head of House had been particularly proactive in his duties, I gave him a quick thumbs up before entering the Deputy Heads office. Why else would the Head of House be up at this time in the morning? All too quickly the bubble burst, for the boys, seated outside, had been caught red – handed by the school security having a wonderful celebratory party in the house loft – soon to be renamed “Tom’s Pub and Grill”.

Chairman of the EXCO, Mr Simon Hammond; our Guest of honour, Mr Vic Paunganwa; Mrs Hough, Headmistress of Peterhouse Girls; invited guests; Peterhouse Boys and Girls staff and the Vth and VIth Form of Peterhouse, it is my singular pleasure to welcome you here today. I am certain our Guest of Honour does not need much by the way of introduction as he, having taught at Peterhouse, will be known to many of you. What I do know is that he agreed, at short notice, to be our guest here today – Vic many thanks.

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