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Petrean Golf Day 2020

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John Greenacre (3 December 1934 - 25 September 2019)

25 September 2019


Dear Governors and Committee Members, Petreans, Friends and Staff of Peterhouse

Re: John Greenacre (3 December 1934 - 25 September 2019)

I write to inform you that John Greenacre died early this morning; truly the end of an era for our great school.

John joined Peterhouse in January 1959, from Cambridge University, having been appointed by Fred Snell, the first and founding Rector of Peterhouse (Fred Snell had previously been Rector of Michaelhouse where John completed his schooling). He subsequently served under Bruce Fieldsend, Alan Megahey, Mike Bawden and Jon Calderwood all former Rectors and was still teaching some maths until December 2014, when he officially retired having reached the age of 80. Even then, and in retirement, he ran the school archive and kept an active interest in Peterhouse as a regular attendee in school assembly, chapel, the Common Room, the dining hall and on the touchline (mostly cricket and rugby).

During his long and distinguished career at Peterhouse John taught maths to myriad pupils and was Housemaster of Paget (1966 - 1977), Housemaster of Grinham (1990 - 1994), Senior Master (1977 - 2002) and Acting Rector (Lent 1994).

Details of the funeral arrangements etc. will be announced in due course; in the meantime I attach a copy of the speech I made on the occasion of John’s Farewell Dinner in December 2014 which I hope will give you some sense of the wonderful schoolmaster and servant of Peterhouse he was.

Yours faithfully,

Howard Blackett MA (Oxon)







Rector’s Dog Escapes Python at Dombo Dam 2019

The Peterhouse Boys Snake Club were involved in the dramatic rescue of the Rector’s dog at the weekend.
The boys were in Calderwood Park looking for non-venomous snakes for the club’s snake pit when the drama took place.

Mr and Mrs Blackett were in the park together with their eldest daughter Alice, who was over from the UK, and their three year old cocker spaniel Ruby.
Ruby had just gone to the water’s edge at Dombo Dam in anticipation of a stick being thrown into the water when a giant 3.6 metre long python grabbed her rear leg and began to coil around her. Mr Blackett immediately grabbed the python by its tail and dragged the snake (and Ruby) out of the shallows. Alice, too, began to wrestle with the coiling snake while Mrs Blackett took charge of Ruby who was panicking.

Mr Scott Walraven and five Snake Club boys ran to help as the snake was refusing to let go. With eight pairs of hands on the snake preventing it from coiling, a stick was used to force the snake to release its mouth from Ruby’s back leg.

Great teamwork everyone!

Thankfully Ruby was not badly injured sustaining only puncture wounds and bruising to her back leg. She is also recovering well from the trauma of the incident, happily barking at and chasing the monkeys.


Petrean Sporran Maker - Alisdair Menzies (F94)

Our very own incredibly talented Petrean Sporran maker Alisdair Menzies (F94) creates these beautifully handmade Sporrans. follow Alisdair on Pinterest via the link below. Such a gifted talent.
#proudpetrean #proudpeterhouse





A strikingly unusual autobiography in which Sara draws on over forty years experience of living in Africa, weaving soul lessons and core beliefs together in a tapestry of adventure and travel in the pursuit of a life less ordinary. This coupled with her strong sense of duty and responsibility to understand and co-create with Mother Earth through harnessing natural resources turn this book from a personal journey into a guiding framework for life.

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